NXR Global Compensation Plan!
Weekly Fast Start,
Monthly Residual and
Profit Sharing

We have a 2 x 15 structure that allows 2 people to be on your first level. These 2 have 2 on their first level giving you 4 on your second level and so forth.

This is your "Power of Two" Team

We pay through 15 levels! By getting your two your first week, helping them get two their first week and so on, by the Power of Two you can fill your structure in 15 weeks.

Additional Profit Centers

Your first Profit Center is just the beginning! By the "Power of 2" you can open as many as you want.

When you have sponsored 2 who have sponsored 2, you now have a "Power of 2" (PO2) team and are eligible for a new Profit Center. No additional order required. Pay nothing extra and start earning more!*

Simply create a PO2 under each new** Profit Center, and you can create more and more Profit Centers.

The possibilities are endless!

*Each Profit Center must meet sponsorship requirements to receive commissions.

**Each Profit Center can only qualify you for one new Profit Center. Your most recently activated Profit Center qualifies you for your next Profit Center.

Note: You must maintain at least 2 PS Members per additional Profit Center to keep your additional Profit Centers. If 2 PS are not maintain for 60 days, your additional PC will be canceled.

Fast Start

Members may enroll at any product package level and upgrade to higher levels at any time.

Your first two Personally Sponsored (PS) Members are coded to your coded upline. Your 3rd Personally Sponsored Member and all following Personally Sponsored Members are coded to you as long as you maintain 2up (2 Personally Sponsored Members coded upline). If your 2up Members cancel, your next enrollment will be coded upline.

Your first Profit Center must maintain 2up at all times. If your first Profit Center does not maintain 2up, the next Member sponsored by an additional PC will be compressed to be sponsored by your first Profit Center in order to maintain 2up.

Fast Start Commissions are paid on the initial enrollment purchase and anniversary purchases according to the below chart.

Note: You can only be paid commissions at the level you are on autoship. For example: If you have a Gold Member coded to you and you have a Silver item on autoship, you will only receive $12 on that Gold Member.

Fast Start Commisions are paid on Friday the week after the initial enrollment order is placed.

Matching Coded Infinity Bonus:

Match all of your 2up's Coded Fast Starts!

Every Coded Fast Start your 2up receives, you get the SAME THING!

With Matching Coded Infinity Bonus you will not only get Sponsor and Coded Fast Start but you will receive a matching bonus for all Coded Fast Starts paid to your Coded 2-Up (PS who are coded upline). The graphic illustration below shows all Gold Fast Start Matching Coded Infinity Bonuses.

Not a Gold Member yet? Change your autoship today and

encourage the rest of your group to make this change too.

You don't want to miss the opportunity to maximize your income.

*All your PS Members (including your first 2 Members) are placed into your Matrix and you remain their sponsor

Residual Income

Beginning the 2nd month commissions on all sales are paid in the Residual Income plan according to the Matrix structure below. In order to earn commissions, each Member must have at least 2 Personally Sponsored Members who purchased at least an APPRENTICE item.

Note: You can only be paid commissions at the level you purchased in the commission period/calendar month. For example: If you are an Apprentice Plus Member and have a Gold downline Member on level 3, you will only receive $.25 on that Gold Member.

Matrix Rollup
Unearned Residual Commissions from accounts with qualifying orders that do not meet the PS requirement are rolled up to the next Coded Regional. Roll-up/Breakage from unqualified additional Profit Centers will skip Profit Center 1. Roll-up/Breakage from unqualified Profit Centers is not allowed.

Level 1 and Level 2 accounts that are canceled or do not have orders are skipped in the commission payout.

Matrix Matching Bonus

Receive a Matrix Matching Bonus on the Matrix earnings of your Personally Sponsored Members as outlined in the chart below.


Leadership Infinity

Leadership Infinity commissions start on level 7 for Regional Directors and above. To qualify as Regional or higher, you must purchase a Gold or Platinum product and meet the qualifications outlined in the chart below.

Gold and Platinum Members who meet the below qualifications receive commissions as follows:

Leadership Infinity is paid to infinity through 4 generations of each Qualification.

Silver orders are paid out as G1 $0.15, G2 $0.15, G3 $0.10, G4 $0.10. (G = Generation). Gold orders are split evenly among the 4 Generations.

Leadership Rewards

Each time you reach a new level of leadership, you will receive a one-time bonus. Leadership Rewards will be paid out once Leadership Status has been maintained for 2 months. Leadership Rewards are only paid on the qualification of your first Profit Center..

50% Discount Compensation

As a Regional or higher you can receive commissions on all 50% discount orders.

Buy More, Earn More!
Nutronix Revolution Members can earn even more commissions through Nutronix International. Revolution Members who purchase in Nutronix International will receive enhanced qualifications in Nutronix. See below:

Bronze = Junior Executive
Silver = Executive
Gold = Senior Executive
Platinum = Senior Executive

Fast Start Comp Plan effective 7/20/13.
Residual Comp Plan effective 3/1/14.
Matrix Matching Plan effective 3/1/14.
Leadership Comp Plan effective 9/6/12.
Profit Sharing Bonus Pool effective 6/1/13.
Leadership Rewards effective 3/1/14.
50% Discount Plan effective 4/1/14.
Crossover Advantage effective 6/1/13.


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